Quilts by Nina

I love to quilt. I made this fun Softball quilt for my step daughter Gabby Russell. I can make one for you too. Just email or text me (760) 277-1221

softball quilt-8755 softball quilt-8759 softball quilt-8757

The top five list

Ask any woman this question and she’ll have an answer at the tip of her tongue, having crafted her list since the moment she first became aware that nickels, quarters, and dollars enabled their holders to acquire a whole host of things not available to those with just a cabbage patch kid and a fistful of bubblegum to trade. The answer is pondered in late night dreams and long  talks with girlfriends. It is edited as the years pass as ideas about what’s important and beautiful. It is shaped by our minutes, hours and years on this earth. What would you do if you had all the money in the world? How would you spend your pot of gold? Oh I have lists upon lists upon lists. Gone are the days where I wished for a dollhouse as big as Cinderella’s castle. Those days have been replaced by wanting a castle that feels like a home. My number ones on the list have dropped to number 50 or 60 and been replaced by wishes of endless vacations with family and friends, Sparkling floors rather than sparkling jewels and at the top of the list is peace and love. Those things that money really can’t buy. This realization pulled me deep into thought and I came to the realizations that when it comes to peace and love, you can only get what you give. I don’t even need all the money in the world to acquire what I want in life. I just have to give. Could I craft a list based on the idea of giving what I’d like to receive? Could you? I challenge you to build your own top five list of things that nickels, quarters and dollars can’t buy. My list begins with giving more time to others. I did just that last weekend. I took this little girl to shop for fabric, taught her how to sew her first quilt and just enjoyed being her shadow all day and what happened next was glorious. Smiles, joy, love and gratitude poured from her. I grabbed my camera and stepped outside and snapped a few shots. I am glad I have a new list. I continue to refine what’s on it. Share with me, What would be the first thing on your list?blog 2015 lyla yellow-3715 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3705 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3622 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3571 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3544 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3536 blog 2015 lyla yellow-3458

Sweet Dreams


Id like to think sleep is overrated. I wish I could adopt my husband’s mantra “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” but the truth it, sleep is a top priority, a premium commodity and unfortunately for me, a distant memory. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in months. I am one of millions who suffers […]

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Babies for days

baby in a basket

Today I am just sharing a quick gallery of some recent baby photo sessions. I hope you see how much I adore these squishy faces. Welcome to the world sweet little loves.

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Busy mom Syndrome also known as B.S.

fun with lyla at the wall-4426

If you have children, you are familiar with B.S. Busy mom Syndrome. It’s that thing that happens when the ideal mom you want to be gets  taken hostage and controlled by that maniacal  busy mom with things to do, places to go and a short time to get there.  Before you know it, you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Even worse, you’re such a drag […]

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It Was Wedding Bells, Boots and Beauty on The Yellow Brick Road

this beautiful bride

When you’re invite to photograph a down home boot scootin’ country wedding and the address is on The Yellow Brick Road, you don’t ask any questions, you slip on your finest cowgirl boots, throw your camera over your shoulder and ease on down the road. From the moment I walked into the reception area I could […]

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The beauty of early mornings, gratitude and love

morning gratitude

Each morning I wake full of gratitude and love. I am living proof that you are never too old, too fat, too busy or too flawed to find happily every after. What you focus on, you will receive. By this I mean, go out and get what you want. In my case it was the love […]

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Over the River and Through the Woods

best friends

The thing I love most about photography is this. Photography isn’t about what you click for clients, it’s about how you click with them. And, if you know me, you know that I like LOVE people. I feel most accomplished when clients become friends. So when my friend Cynthia called and asked my to take a few […]

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The Priviledge of Pregnancy

kristy for website-2957

  Pregnancy is a time full of anticipation and hope. A mother may wonder many things about her unborn baby but one thing that is never a question is the love she has for her baby. This will be Kristy’s fourth baby. I always admire her ease of pregnancy and how beautiful she is when she […]

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El Camino High School Homecoming 2012

El Camino high school homecoming gretta and luana 2012 edits-8661

Like a flashback from every homecoming I have ever been to, I enjoyed an evening of glitz and glamor with a few friends this evening. In a whirlwind of high heels, hairspray cell phones and pizza, I managed to snap a few quick candids of Gretta, Luana and their friends  before homecoming. Look back through some of my archived […]

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