Family, Fun and Pyramids

I crave more days like this

I love fun and food family. I can honestly admit that most everything I do in life these days are done in the pursuit of all three both of the above. That said, I also have an insatiable appetite for more, more, more time enjoying both. I am sure everyone who has enjoyed a long day at the beach, a hike up a tall mountain or a passionate kiss also know the meaning of insatiable whether talking about hunger, thirst or deep love. You get the picture.  But have you ever experienced “insatiable”  so strongly that you’re moved to take action because of it? I don’t think I have, until now. For the first time in my life I know the feeling of insatiable from deep down, the soul throbbing aching feeling of it. How at 42 years old can a woman just learn something so basic and instinctual? Well I do not know but I am sure it has something to do with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, some unmet need that halted me along my journey. A need which has never been met since way back in my umbilical cord days. Have you ever seen that pyramid where our human needs are stacked from the base upward starting with the largest and most fundamental needs of food, water and sleep to those steps of safety, love, belonging, esteem which all must be achieved in order the reach the next step in the pyramid until finally the lucky few enjoy the highest level…Self Actualization?

The Pyramid. You see….you must fulfill one need before you can proceed to the next

Well I have seen the pyramid, I have worshipped to it and now, (presumably some need finally met), I can see the summit. I am so close I can taste it and all I want to do is lavish in it. In fact it looks like a big dollop of whipped cream waiting to be attacked. Long gone are my highly ambitious aspirations of the things that I thought defined success. New thoughts have replaced them, success to me has nothing to do with how I earn my money and has everything to do with the kind of person I am, the woman I choose to be, the life I create for my family and friends. This I conclude can only be done by spending more time focused on them. I miss them everyday. My longing for them insatiable. I vow to find a way to spend more time with my loved ones. Enjoy more fun with them. Do more of my favorite things, coffee in the garden with my husband, a playful day at the beach with the kids, bonfires with friends, chats with my mom and meals, meals with all of the people listed above. I hope that you will join me and reach for your dreams no matter how intangible they might be. Whatever your aspirations are I hope they include people, fun and food and I hope I am invited. What are you dreaming of achieving and what time shall I arrive for dinner to celebrate? 

“What a woman can be, she must” and in my case I hope it is more Grace Kelly and less I love Lucy


  1. okay – I have tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat after reading this blog. You’re so awesome! I love your well written thoughts and you!

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