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June 2015

Fashion in the City

It’s not hard to imagine Gwyneth Paltrow in a flowy peasant top and cutoffs or Emilia Clarke in wool cashmere coat by Raph Lauren but can you imagine yourself in your ideal style? If you had the perfect body, perfect skin, perfect face, what style resonates with your consummate aesthetic? Would you wear your feelings on your chest with literal statement pieces with boldface graphics or refine your approach with muted tones and classic features? I say let your freak flag fly if you want and mix it up.

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Bridal Photography

Please stay tuned for features in this area. Guest posts are welcomed and can be submitted via email at

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Calm Before the Storm. A Caribbean Love Affair

Imagine yourself here. Can you almost imagine the experience that transforms your ordinary week into an extraordinary adventure? With its cosmopolitan cities and a wild side just resting under the surface, Puerto Rico swings both ways. The 3,515 square mile island is both modern and remote. You may fly into the bustling city of San Juan in the morning and be in the stunning tropical rain forest by lunch.

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Brunch with Friends

I have a yummy lunch date scheduled with my favorite food blogger and I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon.

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Flowers & Decorations

If you follow me on Instagram @theninarussell then you know my garden is my favorite thing. Come back soon to see what is new in the life of a garden

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