Hiking Stonewall Peak

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Just the Tip. Taking it all in at Stonewall Peak

Growing up in Southern California means that I have had the opportunity to experience every type of adventure at my fingertips. Surfing, skiing, camping, fishing and boating are just some of the obvious fascinating activities which have tickled my fancy but it took 47 years for this gal to fall in love with the hike. While the crashing waves, ocean breezes and sand between my toes may always be my first love, the serenity of the hike and the feeling of accomplishment keeps calling me to the trail. It was early on a Friday when I embarked on the Stonewall Peak Trail Head to see the magnificent view from the top which I had read so much about. My old worn out running shoes and determination would hopefully get me to the top and back in one piece. I carried a cinch pack with a small bottle of water, a granola bar, 2 squares of starburst candies and chapstick. What else could one require, right?

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